WORSHIP - SUNDAY, October 30

Sermon Series - Words of faith

Sermon - Claim: Claiming What Has Been Proclaimed

Lately, I've been thinking of broken things. It may have something to do with having a tire that was 'broken' the other day due to a nail that decided it needed a ride...and made sure it was deeply engaged for that ride. Tonight, it was a garbage disposal that I guess decided it was tired and pretended much of the night to play broken. And then there is the whole thing with a certain "not-to-be-mentioned provider" that has led our phone, internet and television to go down on more than one occasion.

But let's be real. Those broken things simply create an inconvenience that is small, very small, compared to more serious brokenness within our world. Broken 'things' don't compare to brokenness that comes about due to broken promises. And unfortunately, many of us have been on both the "giving" and the "receiving" ends of those broken promises.

And yet, in the midst of broken things and broken promises, we find God making promises and keeping those promises...even when it may not make any sense at all. So, how are you at trusting God and believing in what God has promised to us throughout the ages?

Join us this Sunday as we take a look in our "Words of Faith" series at the word 'claim' and are challenged by a message on 'Claiming What Has Been Proclaimed'. We will take a look at Abraham, to what God promised to Abraham, and how Abraham chose to claim what God had promised. Do you have the faith to follow in Abraham's steps and claim what it is that God has promised to us today? See you Sunday!

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