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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Series: The Time is Now

Message: A Question for the Ages

Scripture: John 21: 15-17

If you could do one thing really well, what would that one thing be? Let me ask that one more time with some emphasis: If you could do one thing really well, what would that one thing be? Take a few moments to consider what that one thing would be. Got it?  

As I have mulled over that question this week, I have come to realize that my answer has probably changed over the years. During a time in my life when I played tennis with great regularity, I might have answered 'play tennis'. I know that doesn't mean I would have been at the level of a Federer or Nadal, but playing at a higher level could have been fun. At other times in my life, I might have said that I would have loved to play the guitar really well. But those answers would have come many years ago.

But today, (and I believe for some time now), my answer would be more along these lines: the only thing I would like to do really well is love. I would love to love well! In fact, if I look back throughout my life, I can see how loving well could have served me in better ways than improving my tennis game or my musical talents on the guitar.  

I think that is what Jesus was trying to get at with Peter when he asked Peter, not once - not twice - but three times, "Do you love me?" I know part of it was bringing Peter back around after Peter had denied Jesus, not once - not twice - but three times. But for Peter's sake and the world around him, Jesus knew Peter needed to love well.  

How about you? Do you love well? Could you love better? How could that impact those around us? join us this Sunday as we continue in our series, The Time is Now, with a message on "A Question for the Ages". It's a question that Jesus not only asked Peter a number of times...it is a question that I believe we are asked daily.  

As you get ready to join us in worship on Sunday, take time this week to love well!

See you Sunday!

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