Sunday, April 23

Worship @ 9:30 and 11:00

Message: Following, Forgiving, Becoming

As much as we love the high holidays of the Christian year, very often we find it difficult to get hearts and minds ready the following Sunday. So many of us will approach the Sunday following Easter with a kind of “What now” question swirling within us. Resurrection, what now? I think we find a big part of our answer in the Lectionary text from the Gospel of John assigned to this Sunday, John 20:19-31. We are confronted by the text that most often seems just to be the story of Thomas, doubting Thomas, after the resurrection. This year, rather than being focused on Thomas’ struggle, lets pay close attention to Jesus in the very same text…seems logical.

In just a few words Jesus prepares us and sends us, to carry on, to be the living body, to give just as we have received. Very concisely Jesus, empowers us and puts into our hands Kingdom power. Each of us within the body of Christ has this awesome responsibility but one that should bring us great joy, and enduring peace. All of us Following, Forgiving, Becoming.

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