WORSHIP - SUNDAY, September 6

"Back to the basics"

service: it's all about the Serve

     Some in our world will tell you that "It's All About That Bass".  A couple of thousand years ago, Jesus told us that "It's All About the Serve". In fact, Jesus not only talked about that on several occasions, he went so far as to model that daily!

     As I will watch some of the US Open over these next few weeks, I know for some it is all about their serve. But not many of us can serve as someone like Novak Djokovic. But we can find ways to serve like Christ! And that kind of serve can transform the world!

     Join us on Sunday as we conclude our series on Basics with a message on Service: It's All About the Serve. (And for those of us who are tennis enthusiasts... sometimes when we have a score of "love"... it really isn't so bad!) See you Sunday!

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