Sunday, January 22

Sermon Series - Radical Faith: The Authentic Life of a Christ-Follower

Sermon: The Time to Change is Now


Is that a word that you embrace? Or is that a word that you run far away from?

It's funny, but not in a humorous kind of way, what the idea of changes can do to some people. And yet, we live in a land of change. We change our clothes (hopefully) everyday. We often change lanes, but hopefully not too often. We change channels. But those changes are easy.

The changes that God calls on us to make are much more challenging! And necessary!

This week's message in our Radical Faith series is a challenging one as we seek to live authentically as a Christ-follower. The message on Sunday is "The Time to Change is Now" and it comes from his call to "Change Your Life" in Matthew 4.

Change your life. What does that say to you on a personal level?

Join us on Sunday as we take on that challenge and remember...The Time

to Change is Now. See you Sunday!

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