WORSHIP - SUNDAY, august 28

Sermon Series - Getting Back on Track

Sermon - Commitment: What is Driving You?

As the Olympics have come and gone (with many of us recovering from sleep deprivation), I will miss the stories about the athletes. Don't get me wrong...being a sports fan, I loved the competition. But what will stick with me are the stories that were told about the athletes.

To a person, they spoke of the dedication and commitment that was required on a daily basis. You have to be driven to be that dedicated and have that kind of commitment.

Speaking of commitment and being driven, this Sunday, we are going to look at another word to help us all "get back on track". The message on Sunday morning is on Commitment: What is Driving You? Take time before Sunday morning to consider...what is it that keeps you going on a daily basis? What is it that drives you to be all that God wants you to be?

Join us Sunday morning as we take a look at some who set that example for us and have inspired us to do the same for others. See you Sunday!

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