Sunday, June 25

Worship @ 9:30 and 11:00

Sermon Series: Romans - A Thinker's Guide to Faith

Message - Wanted: Dead and Alive

We have all seen these "Wanted" posters before. They were more of a picture of the Old West than of the present day. We may have "Wanted" posters that are displayed today but the words "Dead or Alive" are no where to be found. That part of the posters are for days gone by.

When it comes to the idea of "Dead or Alive" in a spiritual sense, those words are as relevant today as they were back "in the day" when Paul wrote those words to the Christians in Rome almost 2,000 years ago. And yet, there is a huge difference. Paul wanted those who were coming to Christ to be both "Dead AND Alive". As Paul came to find out for himself, in order to be alive, truly alive, one must die, not only to self, but also to the power of sin.  

Paul had a passion for people to become "dead to sin" and "alive in Christ" (Romans 6:11). I believe that passion was so great that Paul would have loved to have created a "Wanted" poster with every one of our pictures on it, followed by the words "Dead AND Alive".  

Join us this Sunday, June 25, as we continue in our series on Romans: A Thinker's Guide to Faith with a message on "Wanted: Dead and Alive". And may this journey teach us what it really mean to live and to be alive in Christ!  

See you Sunday!

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