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Faith is much more than the name of our church. Faith is like someone once said, "not being sure of where you're going, but going anyway."

We believe as we make that journey, we are following a path that God has set out for us...as a church and as followers of Christ. And as far as the journey goes, it is definitely an adventure as we seek to choose God's way rather than our own.  

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Message: What Do You Do With a Problem?

Exodus 16:2-15


9:30 - Contemporary

11:00 - Traditional

A person who “has an eye for” something is one with the ability to recognize, appreciate, or make good judgment about that something. It’s one who can notice the particularities of something and see its worth. Coaches have an eye for talent. Proofreaders have an eye for grammar. Designers have an eye for fashion. What would it look like to have an eye for problems? That is, to be skilled at recognizing within every problem the opportunity for something good. What an indispensable skill to cultivate as our community continues to work together in the process of rebuilding!

This week we will look at a story from the life of the community of Israel as they faced an extraordinary problem in the wilderness. Join us this Sunday for the message titled: “What Do You Do With A Problem?” Based on the narrative from Exodus 16:2-15, we will explore that community’s challenge and glean lessons learned to incorporate into our faith journey today.

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