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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sermon Series: What's Next?

Message: "A Time to Rethink"

Scripture: Acts 3:12-19

Rethink Church

Go ahead and click on it. This isn't a trick. There really is a ministry called Rethink Church that is part of our United Methodist Communications. I have loved so much of what they send out and come up with. I still remember when Rethink Church came out, which was back in 2009. It has been a good tool to remind us that church is much more than what happens on a Sunday morning in worship. It is about loving others and serving others. It is about relationships. And it is about taking the heart of the Risen Christ and putting that heart into action in our communities and throughout the world. And yes, for some of that to happen, they had to rethink church.

In the passage for this Sunday, people were being challenged still to understand that Christ had risen and was the Son of God. All of this led Peter to say "So now you need to rethink everything and turn to God so your sins will be forgiven and a new day can dawn, days of refreshing times flowing from the Lord." (Acts 3:19)

So as we ask the question again this week, 'What's Next?', that question will lead us to "A Time to Rethink". Don't worry, we are not going to take the time to "rethink everything" as Peter was calling them to do. But we will take time to rethink so that people will live into "a new day" and will experience "days of refreshing times" that come thanks to a Risen Lord.

See you Sunday! 

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