Sunday, May 28

Worship @ 9:30 and 11:00

Sermon Series: Be the Church

Message: Getting Back to the Simple Things

There's a song that grabbed my attention a few weeks ago by Green River Ordinance. The title of the song is "Simple Life". It beings with "I love the simple life, front porch and my lover's eyes. Green grace and an open sky, I love the simple life." And then there's this line: "Sun's hanging low, and I've got peace in my soul. And I think to myself, God it's good to be alive." There is something so appealing about the simple life! In fact, there is something appealing about the idea of "simplicity". Maybe that is what led Albert Einstein to say "Out of complexity, find simplicity." 

Just as that works in life, it also works in the church. Life in all of it's ways, including church life, can become so complex and challenging. And yet, in the Early Church, when things were complex and confusing and challenging, the disciples when back to the "simple things". I believe there is a call within all of that for us to go back to the "simple things" in order to truly "Be the Church" here and now.

Join us this Sunday @ 9:30 and 11:00 as we step into the challenge of "Getting Back to the Simple Things". In fact. don't wait until Sunday. Take a seat on the front porch, take notice of the sun hanging low and find that peace in your soul. And maybe all of us can then say "God, It's good to be alive". See you Sunday!

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