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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sermon Series: reMARKable

Message: Living Unafraid

Scripture: Mark 4:35-41

Let's talk about someone that we all know.  


We all have known Fear since a very early age.  We got to know Fear when we were alone or were afraid of being left alone.  Fear would find us in the middle of the night when everything was dark and quiet, except for those noises we could not explain.  And as we grew up, Fear continued to be part of our life...just in different ways.  

Today, Fear is right there beside us....at times, more present than at other times.  Fear can meet us face-to-face when a "breaking news" alert hits our phone or the doctor's office calls with test results.  Fear finds us when our thoughts go negative or when our doubts become great.  

And even though the Bible tells us time and time again...."Do not be afraid", we find ourselves still gripped by Fear.  Or then, there are passages like we come to this week that speak into those fears and yet, we are not told to "not be afraid".  We are asked very simply: "Why are you so afraid?"  

We will answer that question on Sunday morning as we continue in the re.Mark.able series with a message on "Living Unafraid".  And in case you are wondering, yes...it is possible to live unafraid.  Some of the people that live unafraid are people who have plenty to fear, and yet, they find something that is greater than all of their fears put together. 

Join us on Sunday...fears and all...as we learn how to live unafraid even when there is plenty to be afraid of.

See you Sunday!

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