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Faith is much more than the name of our church. Faith is like someone once said "not being sure of where you're going, but going anyway."

We believe as we make that journey, we are following a path that God has set out for us...as a church and as followers of Christ. And as far as the journey goes, it is definitely an adventure as we seek to choose God's way rather than our own.  

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Sermon Series

Sunday, August 20

Worship @ 9:30 and 11:00

Sermon Series: Romans - A Thinker's Guide to Faith

Message: The Mystery of Mercy

Message: The Mystery of Mercy

One of the things I love about the Bible is that so much of it seems "too good to be true" and yet, it is as true as true can be! In fact, thinking of those words led me to take out once again one of my all-time favorite books on preaching by Frederick Buechner, "Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy and Fairy Tale". When Buechner writes of the Gospel as Fairy Tale, he writes "The one crucial difference from all other fairy tales and the Gospel as Fairy Tale is that the claim made for it is that it (Gospel) is true, that it not only happened once upon a time but has kept happening ever since and is happening still."  

Whenever I read the portion of Romans that I am preaching on this Sunday that deals with God's mercy, grace and love always being there for us, I think back to the idea of how it sounds "too good to be true". And yet, as many of us have found throughout our lifetime. it is indeed true. It is so very true!! 

To some, it still sounds too mysterious. How in the world could God continue to be so merciful and loving to us, especially when we fail to love as we should love and fail to extend grace as we have received grace?  

Join us in worship this Sunday as we live into the mystery that not only happened "once upon a time" but "has kept happening ever since and is happening still". It is "The Mystery of Mercy".  

We look forward to seeing you in worship this week and welcoming our new pastoral intern, Donyale Fraylon to our community of faith here at Faith UMC!  

See you Sunday!

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