sunday, October 17

9:00 and 11:00 am

Series: mark:

lessons from the journey



Scripture: Mark 10:35-45

Rev. HARRY VEIN, preaching

Online Bulletin

Can you spot the changes in these hymns and worship songs? 

"It's All About Me"

"How Great I Am"

"Now I Lift My Name on High"

"I Exalt Me"

"There Is None Like Me"

"O Come, Let Us Adore Me"

I stumbled upon this parody of hymns and worship songs on dealing with self-centered worship.  We know there isn't such a thing.  Right?? Or is there?

Self-centeredness has been an issue since almost the beginning of time.  And it seems to grow into more of an issue over time.  As we will see this week, even James and John had some issues when it came to being self-centered.  And when they spoke into it with the One who was going to have nothing to do with it, they were told what to do with their self-centered nature: "It's not going to be that way with you." (Mark 10:43)

So, why has it been?  Why have we followed the way of the world and others around us who make life all about them? And how do we make an adjustment to think differently?

Join us this Sunday as we continue in our Journey series through the Gospel of Mark with a message on Beware of Self-Centered Thinking. And in the meantime, may our thinking become more upward and may we take David's words to heart: "I keep the Lord in mind always." (Psalm 16:8)

See you Sunday!




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